Overall Experience Reviews For Sport Clips Haircuts of O'Fallon MO

5 rating

Haili did an amazing job cutting my hair I haven’t had a hair style in years I’ve wore it high and tight military style I recently decided to grow it out and I went in there with a few ideas Haili helped me put them together and I left with an amazing cut she know what she’s doing I will be back for sure !

5 rating

Just went for the first time today and it was amazing! I tried a new haircut and they know what they are doing! I Love my haircut and will never go anywhere else! Best place to go get a Haircut and i love the sports and tvs!

1 rating

I just had the worst haircut of my life all thanks to Cherie. I am female and originally had a pixie cut, but about 8 months ago i started growing my hair back out because I wanted long hair again. This has been a painful process due to the fact my hair grows extremely slow. I went into Sportclips to get the back of neck trimmed. Thats It! I was starting to look like i had a mullet and just needed a little trim. I realized my husband had a FREE coupon, so I decided "What the Heck, they could trim the back of my neck. That's simple". I was so wrong!! I sat down in Cherie's chair and told her exactly what i wanted and then she proceeded to do what she thought would look better instead. I kept repeating i just need the back trimmed. She kept saying, "Trust me, You're going to love this" or "you really need a style" or "Oh, that looks so much better". Ignoring my plea, she continued to butcher my hair. The end result was horrifying. I was so upset, i could barely speak. I presented her with the FREE coupon so i could run and hide until my hair grew back again. She took the coupon and then told me she "HAD TO" charge me for something! She charged me $7.00 for SOMETHING I DIDN'T ASK FOR!!! I was so upset and embarrassed i reluctantly paid and ran out. I know i should have got up and left or stopped her or refused to pay or something, but i was frozen. I'm kicking myself know, but this was the WORST EXPERIENCE OF MY LIFE!!! Thank you Cherie for ruining my hair.

Rated 3.7 out of 5.0 based on 3 Client reviews